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RUMOR: Dead Space 2 to Feature Necromorph vs Soldiers Multiplayer

  It's been known for a while that Dead Space 2 would incorporate multiplayer. But exactly what form that multiplayer would take has been the subject of some speculation. GameStop's annual conference earlier this week apparently saw EA spilling some details about the game. There are also some further details about pre-order bonuses which have been confirmed. Find out those details after the jump. Read More


Wii Party Comes Packed with Wii Remote in Europe

  After Nintendo's monumental E3 showing, a lot of gamers were on people's lips, but perhaps the only one on no one's was Wii Party, yet another Mii-filled casual cash-in in the vein on Sports, Fit, and Music before it. And yet, of all the games Nintendo showed, it could very well be the highest-selling of them all. That's because, at least in Europe, Nintendo is bundling the game with a Wii Remote. And if this turns out to be the case in North America as well, this could be one of the biggest Wii titles ever. Read More


Andrew Lloyd Weber is Downloadable - But Will Music Licensing Drive Away Casual Players

  Amateur Broadway divas can rejoice, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s showtunes are heading to Lips in the form of downloadable content for Xbox Live Arcade. Andrew Lloyd Weber, of course, is the man behind such stage shows as Cats! and The Phantom of the Opera. “With the video gaming sector having evolved from its male-dominated roots towards a more family-oriented demographic,” said Douglas Glen, Head of Digital for The Really Useful Group, “we’re very pleased to partner with Microsoft in releasing some of the best-known brands in musical entertainment to their global Lips audience.”   It is possible that this news won’t mean a lot to most of you, but it is indicative of how these casual games are going. “Casual games” not necessarily meaning games which are casual, but games that are played by a casual audience. Games like Read More


Transformers: Cybertron Director on Pleasing Fans (Not Like That)

Transformers: War for Cybertron is one of those few and far between licensed titles that does its original property justice. Reviews have been mostly positive, and Kombo's own take on the game called it "a franchise that has been reborn." The idea of not butchering a franchise once the license has been acquired seems to be getting more and more popular, as other recent licensed titles like Batman Arkham Asylum may indicate, but that doesn't mean it's getting any easier. Crave Online recently spoke with the game's director, Matt Tieger, about the challenges involved in its development. "There was a huge amount of expectation from the fans, and we felt and still feel a great responsibility to them. They're a very passionate group and we wanted to create something very special for them," Tieger said. Hit the jump to read more. Read More


Set Course For Destination Arcade!

As the library of titles available via Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Arcade service has grown, the difficulty of finding what you want has increased. Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson has proposed a solution today, dubbed Destination Arcade. Find out more after the jump. Read More


Xbox LIVE Starts The Summer Sales

There's a great summer ahead for Xbox owners. Much like last year, the summer season will see a variety of deals for LIVE members to enjoy. This time around, they include discounts on music game add-ons, brand new games and discounted "Critic's Choice" Arcade titles. Hit the jump to find out more about this summer's hottest deals for 360 owners. Read More


Nintendo Cuts DSi/DSi XL Price in Japan, Announces New Colors

While the 3DS remains the word on everyone's lips heading into Nintendo's E3 2010, the company has another new, still very respectable handheld on the market as well. The DSi XL will be receiving some new colors in its home nation of Japan, where it is called the DSi LL, with Yellow, Green, and Blue joining the super-sized party. What's more, the handheld, as well as its miniature predecessor, will both be receiving price drops in their home nation as well. The XL will drop from 20,000 yen (USD $220) to 18,000 yen (USD $195), while the original DSi will move from 18,900 yen (USD $200) to 15,000 yen (USD $165). The DS Lite will also be discontinued, dropping down from its 16,800 yen cost. All of these changes will go into effect on June 19, which just so happens to be the weekend after E3. Gee, I wonder why? Read More