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Limbo is a puzzle platformer that tells the story of a young boy who is desperately seeking out his lost sister. Players must guide the boy through dark and treacherous lands riddled with monsters, traps, and pitfalls. The game features a black-and-white art style and offers an atmospheric approach at storytelling.

LIMBO Review

When developer Playdead launched Limbo for Xbox Live Arcade last summer, gamers discovered an amazing, surreal, and chilling tale about a young boy whose sole purpose was to seek out his lost sister. Here we are one year later, and the game is finally live on the PlayStation Network. Not surprisingly, this is the exact same Limbo that Xbox 360 owners got last year, with all of its awesomeness intact. Now, another crowd has the opportunity to play this fine game. Limbo on PlayStation 3 is a godsend. If you didn't play it last year because you didn't have the means to do so, nothing should hold you back now. In Limbo, you play as an unnamed child. This young boy has no backstory, nor is his purpose ever made clear. As a matter of fact, there is no in-game text to tell you... Read Review

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