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Laugh your way through an all-new story that takes you through 16 different systems and experience brand new features like massive ground battles, boss fights, and multi-layered space combat. Expanded Force abilities, brand new weapons, characters, environments, and over 20 story-based missions make this the most action-packed LEGO game to date.

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Review

Lego Star Wars III certainly isn't a giant leap forward. Instead, it's a cautious step in generally the right direction, adding some welcome new features to TT Games' multi-franchise while failing to address more persistent problems. Those expecting the Lego Star Wars games to conclude once all the movies had been covered (twice) clearly aren't cynical enough: The surprisingly good Clone Wars animated TV series forms the foundation for this entry. You might expect the game to suffer without iconic scenes or a coherent narrative, but the humor and charm ultimately win out. The bold and colorful designs that make up the show's distinctive style are an ideal fit for TT Games' Lego interpretation. While all the Lego games have been wonderfully inventive... Read Review

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