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LEGO Star Wars II follows the Rebel Alliance's battle to dismantle the Galactic Empire and rebuild a galaxy in pieces. From Darth Vader's pursuit of Princess Leia aboard her Blockade Runner to a showdown on the reconstructed Death Star, the game includes even more of the family-friendly LEGO action, puzzles and humor that earned the original LEGO Star Wars such popularity and acclaim. And much more new to offer, it still has. For the first time ever, levels feature vehicles and creatures that players can ride or exit at will. Also, in LEGO Star Wars II's Free Play mode, gamers can customize more than 50 new playable characters by mixing and matching body parts, to build their own LEGO Star Wars heroes. And on certain platforms, a game save from the first LEGO Star Wars can unlock as many as 56 additional characters for Free Play -- that's more than 100 characters total, plus millions of possible creations! Other exciting additions include the ability to Free Play with vehicles, cool new character-specific attacks and maneuvers, playable mini-kit vehicles, an optional advanced mode for experienced players and more.

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy - NDS Cheats


Unlock Nintendo DS
"True Jedi Status" Get 10,010 studs.
Sandbox Get "True Jedi Status" in all levels.


Unlock Nintendo DS
10 extra studs 4PR28U
Earn 500,000 Bonus LEGO Studs HGIGHF
Unlock all Characters UDLRAB
Unlock all Clothing in Character Editor 867539
Unlock all Extras ABACAB
Unlock all Weapons in Character Editor BIGGUN