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LEGO Rock Band Review

Rock the block! … LEGO blocks, that is. LEGO Rock Band is one of those musical-rhythm titles that scores well (pun intended) when it comes to the music, but the rest of the game falls a little flat. For those who are not familiar with the Rock Band concept, you have a selection of instruments and, depending on the ones you plug in for a given song, you get a note highway of... Read Review

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Rio Review

This generation has spawned some surprisingly decent games based on family films. The Lego games are the best examples, but Toy Story 3 and Rango bot Read More

Joe Donato Apr 26, 2011 | Comments
Rock Band 3 Officially Revealed, Adds Keyboards, Pro Mode

Rock Band 3 Officially Revealed, Adds Keyboards, Pro Mode

Just like in the real music business, sometimes rumors turn out to be true. The USA Today has gotten the first official look at the game that may very well reinvigorate the waning rhythm game genre, Rock Band 3. As you can see in the image above, the game will add a new 25-key keyboard peripheral, which can be used as a standard lap-based keyboard, or, as was rumored, an 80's-esque keytar. Three part vocal harmonies, seen in The Beatles: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band, are included as well, which allows potentially seven players to play at one time. But that's just the first track off this album. For the full details, and if this could indeed be the game to "save the music", hit the cut. Read More

kombo Jun 9, 2010 | Comments