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Following the epic storylines of Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, as well as the highly anticipated Jurassic World, LEGO Jurassic World  is the first videogame where players will be able to relive and experience all four Jurassic films.  Reimagined in LEGO form and told in TT Games’ signature classic LEGO humor, the thrilling adventure recreates unforgettable scenes and action sequences from the films, allowing fans to play through key moments and giving them the opportunity to fully explore the expansive grounds of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.  

LEGO Jurassic World Review

Jurassic Park is the best. Jurassic World was a ton of fun. The other two I wish I could forget. That's how I feel about the Jurassic Park movie franchise, and the same can almost be said for LEGO Jurassic World, which takes all four movies, removes the death, makes it more fun, and puts that LEGO spin on it that we've come to love. Part of the magic of LEGO Jurassic World is that it uses audio from the films -- dialogue and music. At times this can sound a little muffled, but having the real actors deliver the lines can’t be topped -- especially Ian Malcolm’s laugh. Visually, this is probably the most impressive LEGO game (not including LEGO Worlds). From the frame rate to characters and dinosaur models, environments; everything look crisp and... Read Review

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  • LEGO Jurassic World review

    LEGO Jurassic World Review

    Lance Liebl Jun 23, 2015