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In a time when science and technology have fallen into an age of mythology, one stalwart young man must venture into the mysterious confines of the Ivy Tower to save his sister with the help of a certain relic, an ancient weapon in the form of a girl, which can undo the legacy of his trapped sister. Create and recruit allies, battle monsters, avoid traps, and loot dungeons in this Survival Action RPG, powered by bean sprouts!

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If you’ve already conquered Cladun, Nippon Ichi Software and System Prisma’s action role-playing game from 2010, and the recently ported Cladun X2, then Legasista is the next step in your adventure. The survival RPG hit the PlayStation Network this week and is perfect for those who like their dungeon crawlers long, challenging … and heavy on the anime. Players new to the genre might find Legasista a tricky nut to crack. On the one hand, the game is friendly to novices. You can essentially sprint through the game without delving too much into its complicated system of customization and options. However, the introduction is a lot to absorb. The tutorial levels alone (roughly ten of them) — not to mention the meat of countless menus, stats, and attributes... Read Review

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