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Pre-order Legacy of Ys: Books I & II - Get a Soundtrack

Need a reason to spend some of that cold hard Christmas cash? Atlus has just announced that a free soundtrack CD will be given out to everyone who preorders a copy of their upcoming DS RPG bundle Legacy of Ys: Books 1 & 2. Make sure you preorder from a participating retailer and you might want to be quick about it, the game will be hitting store shelves in just over a month on February 3, 2009. If there's one thing that is remarkable about the Ys games it would have to be the music. When I was younger I set up a ghetto blaster to record the Super Nintendo's Wanderers from Ys soundtrack right off of my television and I listened to the hell out of that tape. Yes, these are the things we did before the Internet existed. Read More


Nintendo's Full Q1 Line-up for North America

A few days ago, we brought you Nintendo's full first-quarter lineup for the UK (or possibly more of Europe; it came from Nintendo UK, and they didn't really elaborate much). Today, we have the full first-quarter lineup for North America, which has some minor differences here and there. One note: Is "New Play Control!" seriously what they're looking at calling the "Play on Wii" lineup? Read More