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Left 4 Dead Mods Pack

This package is a collection of twenty modifications and scripts for Left 4 Dead. 

Left 4 Dead Mods Pack

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Mod: Left 4 Dead Mods Pack
205 MB

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Left 4 Dead Mods Pack
Mike Splechta Mike Splechta
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205 MB
January 19, 2011

Description of Left 4 Dead Mods Pack

This package is a collection of twenty modifications and scripts for Left 4 Dead. Included Mods: Barricade Builder V5.2 Updated version Death Incarnate Difficulty Are you Death Incarnate? Named after the Wolfenstien 3D difficulty, this difficulty was made on November 18th, 2008. The creator wanted the game even harder than what Expert had to offer from the demo, so I he decided to make this, and have been tweaking and balancing it out since then. The difficulty needs Expert AND SourceMod in order to function properly. Zombie Realism 2.0 This is the one kinda mod just about every zombie lover would probably love to play. Like the title says this makes the game as real as possible, changing things like, zombies being slower, to needing a headshot, to becoming nearly incapped when shot. It'll also make your L4D gaming fun even better, and more challenging. Even though there are many things in this mod I hope to add more things soon! However, the only problem is that CHEATS MUST BE ON, otherwise any zombie edits such as slower zombies, and headshots only, won't work. Anything like no crosshairs, no light fog, and no glows ONLY AFFECT YOU, others will need to download this mod in order for those to apply to them. Anything in Bold Italics is in the new update. Best Played On Expert!!! IM A LEGEND v2.0 Mod v2.0 CHANGES Survivors - Only one survivor. - healing takes less time. - Runs less, strength to push zombies increased. Effects - Effect "glow" around objects/items increased - doors closed to open again you need to wait a while - Flashlight distance increased - Improved accuracy of the weapon. - Crosshair color changed, size improved. - added Shotgun bonus damage SPECIAL ZOMBIES - Smoker: He has no tongue. smoke more dense and more time in the air. - Boomer: no ability to vomit. run faster, explosion increased, fade effect improved. - Hunter: no ability to pounce. health and speed increased, quick jumps. - Tank: dont throw stones. run less, dies more easily. - Witch: added blue effect color, less health, angry/furious increased, runs super fast. ZOMBIE - Number of zombies increased. - spawn behind chance improved - Run and walk slowly - blood and limb distance increased - Horde and mobs increased - Burning lifetime increased - To kill a zombie in EXPERT the only way is by shooting them in the head. No Zombie Script 1.5 v 1.5 by MagicMan Spawns only Boomer, Hunter, Smoker and Tanks. NO MOB Custom Guns Guns modifications. All 4 Dead 2.0 Fixes some of the lag, as well as turned down the speed and health of zombies. Mega cheat script SMOKED420 CHEAT SCRIPT version 1.0 Death pistols Instant kill... FIGHT 2 SURVIVE version 1.0 A week after being rescued, Zoey and Francis must return to the remains of the outside world, where the dwindling infected have become stronger than ever. FEATURES: - Combat the infected with new weaponry from CEDA-Tech. - Use orders and the ability to switch characters at will to work as a team. - New CEDA issued uniforms for Zoey and Francis. - Stronger, more durable infected, many with altered tactics. Bob's Building Script v3.0 This is Bob's version of the "Barricade Builder Mod" that's been going around the web. Specs: -12 radial menus including zombie spawning, cheats, give guns/items, and a lot of props both physics and dynamic. -Prop removing command (dont point at your feet or another player, it removes and bugs/crashes) -Entity rotate command fixed from the original triple code to a single command that will no longer rotate things behind what you are pointing at! -Director ON/OFF to get rid of those pesky spawns while you build yourself a WORLD! -Bonus MINIGUN spawning code and AMMO SPAWNS at the bottom of the file (model is bugged up since patch changed the modelindex numbers, but it still shoots!) Survive A Witch It is a very simple plugin that works on survival based servers. When a tank spawns a witch will also be spawned. The witch will stay sitting until they are disturbed (as per normal gameplay). When the current witch is killed another witch will spawn when the next tank spawns. There can ever only be one witch at a time. The reason for this plugin is that I noticed a lot of players are now getting good at survival and I thought a witch being introduced should shake things up a bit! Survival Mode Radial Menus Two quick radial menus I made to make Changing maps easier in 8 player survival. Rosetta Radial Custom Voice Menu Adds a custom Rosetta Radial Voice menu that allows you to quickly warn your teammates of dangers such as Hordes, Witches, and Special Infected. L4D Community Autoexec 2.2f "Wicked Weasel" A fullscale autoexec community script bundle improving common L4D gameplay in many aspects. 25 Pounce Kung-Fu 1.2 A quick and handy way for practising Hunter high pounces on any Single Player map. Along with "dumbed down" bots, it shows a lot of handy environment info and lag compensation. Server Browser Menu Mod This easily installed mod adds a non-distruptive button to your main menu that opens the server browser. PARANOIA MOD This is a variant of the origional survival mod.The idea behind Paranoia mode is that the weapons aren't as effective, zombies are harder to kill and are more ferocious. Custom RadialMenu A custom radialmenu(barricade builder is included),with this u can say stuff like: PILLS HERE!! HEALTH PACK!! WEAPONS OVER HERE!! TAAANK!!! WITCH!! HUNTER!! SMOKER!! BOOMER!! etc. etc. Romero Mod If you've ever wanted that realistic, romero zombie feel then this mod i for you.
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