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Learn Science for DS

Learn Science


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Review Rating 6.0 Above Average
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Welcome to Learn Science ! Not only will this game give you never-ending fun, it lets you train your knowledge of a wide variety of subjects as well! During the game you can constantly check your progress in specific exercises or entire modules to see how you're doing. And when you think you've trained enough you can try some career exercises and see if you can improve your score and unlock some new games! Finally, you can play Learn Science games with your friends and family and see who's best in Multi-Player Mode. You can control Learn Science with the stylus and the Touch Screen.Your personal coach will explain how to play each game, give you tips on how to improve your result and evaluate your results so far. You can choose to train games in Games Mode, try to unlock new games in Career Mode, watch your results so far in Analysis or change several game settings in Options. You can also play the TV Quiz. In the Quiz Mode you can test your general knowledge in an exciting TV quiz. You can choose between 3 difficulty modes: easy, normal or hard. In the multiplayer module you can compete with your friends or family in several exciting contests.