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Last Rebellion is an RPG with action elements. Players can roam around the world field and make action movements like in an action game, but once you enter battle you engage the enemy using a turn-based system.

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Generally speaking, RPGs come in two forms: Japanese and Western RPGs. In Japanese RPGs, narrative and combat typically take center stage. Square Enix is the quintessential developer of JRPGs with their Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, perhaps, the most well known in the genre. Western RPGs are mostly defined for the in-game choices offered and open-ended gameplay. BioWare has become famous with numerous hits that have helped define the genre with Mass Effect 2 being the most recent example. With that brief history lesson out of the way, we can look at the PS3’s latest RPG, of the Japanese variety, Last Rebellion. It’s critical going in that we distinguish Last Rebellion as a Japanese RPG as gamers won over to the role-playing genre by the Western... Read Review

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    Last Rebellion - PS3 - Review

    jkdmedia Feb 14, 2010