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Generally speaking, RPGs come in two forms: Japanese and Western RPGs. In Japanese RPGs, narrative and combat typically take center stage. Square Enix is the quintessential developer of JRPGs with their Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, perhaps, the most well known in the genre. Western RPGs are mostly defined for the in-game choices offered and open-ended gameplay. BioWare has become... Read Review

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Next Call of Duty Revealed on GameTrailers TV This Week

With all of the drama surrounding Activision and series creators Infinity Ward, it's easy to forget that, like clockwork, there will be a new Call of Duty released this year. This week's GameTrailers TV will have the full scoop, including the first teaser trailer for the shooter. You check out the ad for the episode right here, along with the promise from host Geoff Keighley that the announcement will have the internet buzzing all weekend. Call of Duty 7, expected to take place in Vietnam, will be developed by Treyarch, who handles the Call of Duty games in the even-numbered years. While the developer has faced criticism for what are considered to be the weakest entries in the series, like Finest Hour, Big Red One, and Call of Duty 3, many forget that Call of Duty: World at War was actually quite good, and provided a fitting sendoff (hopefully) for the series' traditional setting of World War II. However, while Treyarch's involvement is no longer necessarily a statement of the game's quality, there's quite a few other reasons why this year's Call of Duty will have a lot of trouble attracting an audience, and not just because "Modern Warfare" won't be written on the box. More after the break. Read More


Last Rebellion

Last Rebellion offers a unique battle system, but its complexity and lackluster story leave little to be desired. Read More


Last Rebellion Unleashed in Japan this January

The PS3 seems to be going through an RPG renaissance in Japan over the winter, starting with Final Fantasy XIII in December. End of Eternity, Ar Tonelico III, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope International are all set for release at the beginning of next year, and now, the run of RPGs will continue in January with Last Rebellion. For those who have forgotten, Last Rebellion is a turn-based RPG by Disgaea developer Nippon-Ichi. The game features the player taking the role of two characters, Nine and Aisha, who share the same HP and MP. The anticipated title is officially set for January 28th, so expect a North American launch later in 2010 Read More


Nintendo Download - 9.7.09: From Faraway Galaxies to the Family Room, Start Fall on a Fun-Filled Foo

Just as announced last week, today's Nintendo Download sees the release of the newest chapter of Konami's longstanding run-n-gun series, Contra ReBirth. It's 1,000 Wii Points for E10+ action, and I think I've said just about everything I can about it already without having played it (that part comes tonight). But that's not the only thing of merit for download this week; the Virtual Console continues rolling out fun from a galaxy far, far away with Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi on the Super NES (of course). Rounding things out are the 700-point ColorZ for WiiWare, with DSiWare getting a miniature version of the DS's Clubhouse Games for 500 points. Find out more about each title in the press release after the cut. Read More