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The KORG M01D is a music workstation based on the KORG M1, the world's first widely known synthesizer. The KORG M01D reproduces the M1's unforgettable digital sounds of the 80s such as the "M1 piano," still heard on many songs today.  

KORG M01D Review

There have already been two Korg games released on the DS, and both have given aspiring musicians the tools to create some impressive tunes on the go. Detuned has stepped it up with the latest release on the 3DS, Korg M01D, cramming as much as they possibly can into this small digital download to give musicians enough tools to create impressive tunes. One thing to keep in mind - there is no game to be found here. Korg M01D is strictly for music production. If you're hoping to delve into some rhythm games, I'm sorry to report that there are none to be found. The old school interface Even though it's on the 3DS, you might expect that the game won't boast any crazy 3D graphics. However, it does emulate the look as well as the depth of the old LCD screen... Read Review

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