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Enhanced to take full advantage of the power of PSP system, this new version of the game features remastered visuals and sounds, optimized controls, and a new opening movie from visionary director Yukio Takatsu (Persona 3, Persona 4, Yggdra Union). Originally, players could choose from two different characters with two unique perspectives on events. This new release adds a third character, Princess Yggdra, offering even more replay value and shedding more light on the game's enchanting narrative. Moreover, this release further expands on what was already one of the deepest, most substantial tutorials of all-time, giving players introductory missions filled with instructions and tips, making the game's learning curve easier than ever. Dripping with style and originality, Knights in the Nightmare delivers an unforgettable experience.

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After breathing life back into fallen heroes, using their fighting expertise against a horde of horrifying monsters, and ultimately cleansing the land a second time around, I can say that Knights in the Nightmare definitely has me hooked. The unique, self proclaimed “Bullet Hell” RPG was a unique experience that at its original release fit the DS stylus controls perfectly. Can the PSP's analog nub take over the stylus' perfect control scheme?Knights in the Nightmare, for those who might have missed the initial release on the Nintendo DS, is a strategy RPG that contains elements of bullet hell mixed in for some truly unique gameplay. You play the role of a wisp that befriends souls of fallen heroes, reliving memories as you fight through battle after battle against some terrifying... Read Review

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