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This Week in Nintendo History: November 29th to December 5th

Okay, I know I said I would need to quit acknowledging every anniversary of every little thing that comes along in gaming (unless you people like them, that is), but then Nintendo Okie had to go and drop a big batch of big ones on us. To keep it brief, their article looks back at games released on Nintendo platforms this very week, including Startropics, 1080 Avalanche, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Pikmin, Kirby Squeak Squad, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Super Mario Strikers, Mario Tennis: Power Tour, and Konami's Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. That's quite a noteworthy list. Animal Crossing, Melee, and Castlevania are some definite favorites of mine, while I never got to play Mario Tennis, 1080, or Squeak Squad. Pikmin is good, but made even better with the New Play Control! version on the Wii. Super Mario Strikers is a fun game I never got to purchase, but I should get the Wii sequel sometime. And then there is Startropics, which I wish would be revisited. There is so much I love about the game, but for one rather prohibitive factor: the gameplay. It just feels far cheaper and less polished than the Zelda game it was based on, I'm sorry to say, and as a result, I've been reluctant to touch its sequel, Zoda's Revenge. Read More


Kirby's Happy Again in Super Star Ultra

Behold! American boxart has always been known for its changes, be they good or (usually) bad from those of their Japanese contemporaries, and since the close of the N64 era, Kirby has been no different. Many a fan of Nintendo's "tough creampuff" has been mildly irritated by Redmond's decision to give Kirby an "attitude," to make him a "badass." But no more! As you can plainly see above, Kirby found his smile! "The transformations from pleased as punch to enraged were most noticeable in Kirby's journeys to America, going from happy go lucky to in a lather in games like Kirby Squeak Squad. Kirby Super Star Ultra changes all that, as Kirby's gay old times are back, with nary a furrowed brow to be seen." -- Michael McWhertor, Kotaku Click the above link for a recap of the many faces of "Angry" Kirby over the past few years. Of the comments, one of my favorites is "Obviously he's pissed in the Amazing Mirror cover because his mobile phone isn't getting any coverage." Read More