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Game Summary

An evil witch turns Dream Land into a "picture" world, and when Kirby confronts her, she uses her magic to turn him into a ball. Luckily, he finds a magic paintbrush she left behind and uses it to turn the DS stylus into a magic item capable of drawing rainbow paths. Kirby then sets out to regain his shape and save Dream Land. Characters: Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Kracko, Paint Roller, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo and more familiar enemies.

Kirby: Canvas Curse - NDS Cheats

Rather than buying it for fifty medals after acquiring 200 allready, simply insert a Nightmare In Dreamland or Amazing Mirror gamepack into the GBA slot. What to spend those last fifty medals on? I have no idea.

Alternate title Screen

Hint Nintendo DS

When you beat the game 100%, when you load up the title screen it will be blue instead of the normal white.

To unlock these six tracks of the end music, you have to beat the level World of Drawcia for the first time with Kirby. When you start up your file again, the new tracks are already added to the sound test.
They are:
24 - The World of Drawcia
40 - Drawcia Demo
41 - Dracia Sorceress
42 - Drawcia Soul
43 - Ending Cinema
44 - Credits


Unlock Nintendo DS
Block Attack in Subgames Beat level 2 of Block Attack in Boss Games.
Cart Run in Subgames Beat level 2 of Cart Run in Boss Games.
Paint Panic in Subgames Beat level 2 of Paint Panic in Boss Games.

Nightmare In Dreamland Music

Unlock Nintendo DS
Nightmare in Dreamland Music Purcchase for 50 medals once you reach 200 medals

Medal Swap Unlockables

Unlock Nintendo DS
Bead Line Six Medals
Course 1-4 Nine Medals each
Course 5-8 Ten Medals each
King Dedede Twenty Medals
Life Boost Fourteen Medals
Life Boost Seven Medals
Life Boost Twelve Medals
Meta Knight Twenty-Five Medals
Song One Three Medals
Song Three Three Medals
Song Two Three Medals
Tropic Line Six Medals
Zebra Line Six Medals

Jump Game

Unlock Nintendo DS
Jump Game Beat the game with all five characters.