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Cheats for Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded - NDS

Meet Avatars and get Avatar Parts Without Leaving Your House

  • DS
  • hint
  • 1. Go into the avatar menu of KH Re: coded and begin tag mode
  • 2. On the Wii, go to the Nintendo Channel
  • 3. Go to DS download service
  • 4. select a demo and have the Wii prepare it for download
  • 5. Once the Wii says that it is transmitting the demo, you should have an avatar ballon popup within a few minutes.
  • 6. Select the balloon and use the scratch card
  • 7.back out of the transmitting demo and go back into it
  • 8. Repeat steps 4-7 as desired

Theater Mode

  • DS
  • unlock
Theater Mode By completing the game once.

Secret Ending

  • DS
  • unlock
Secret Ending Collect 20 trophies or more