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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Feature

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Boxart

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Game Review

Clamoring for Kingdom Hearts 3? Well you'll have to hold onto your britches for just a little longer as Square Enix teases its fans with Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep for the PSP, a prequel that follows the latest trend and keeps the series appearing on the handhelds. You can rest easy however, as the latest small screen entry is much better than its predecessors. The story takes place 10... Read Review

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No Go for Birth By Sleep

  As if things could not get any worse for Sony's ill-fated PSPgo, they appear to have. Arizona Daily Star writer and games blogger Phil Villarreal reports that Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, one of the most anticipated exclusives for the PSP this fall, will not be made available for download on the PlayStation Network for the game's release, as well as for the foreseeable future. This will make the title unplayable on the PSPgo console. This is a similar case to the game's situation in Japan, where the UMD version of the game has been out since January, with no PSN version in sight due to an agreement between Sony and Disney, the co-publisher of the game. While some expected things would change for the North American release, that appears to not be the case. And it's just another in a long series of missteps Sony has made with the PSPgo since it launched last year. Read More


Kombo\'s Weekly Round-Up

    Another Monday-Friday has rolled by, so you all know what time it is: Weekly Round-Up time! You can get all of your gaming goodness from the week below. We've added a new addition to the line-up, so keep your eyes peeled out for the new, individual Reviews and Features sections that have been added to the standard Monday-Friday lineup of news. That way kids, you can find our exclusive content easier than ever! That stuff's at the bottom of the page. Let us know if you think rearranging needs to be done or if you like the new Weekly Round-Up format!   As for the Round-Up? Well, it's chock-full. This was a busy week. Media and gamers were flooded with news, trailers, and announcements via gamescom in Cologne, Germany.    Get all the week's news after the break! (Hint: Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3!)     Read More


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Trailer: It\'s a Doozy

The plot of any Kingdom Hearts game is bound to be a complicated, silly, generally nonsensical and convoluted affair, despite the games' inexplicable ability to tug on the heartstrings of millions of players around the world. For some, it's the Disney nostalgia, while for the others, the Final Fantasy characters dredge up fuzzy memories of better days and better games. For those young enough to have played the original Kingdom Hearts game as a kid, the series itself is enough to evoke nostalgia, independent of its juxtaposed influences. Now that the US release of Birth by Sleep, the franchise's first entry on the PSP, is fast approaching, a new trailer has emerged that reveals plenty of action, and plenty of story. Oh, by the way, it's seven minutes long. Guess what? It probably won't make any sense. Does it really matter, though? Hit the jump to continue reading. Read More


Square Enix Announce Strong GamesCom Lineup

Square Enix have some strong titles coming up for release throughout this year and into next. And it seems that most of them will be on display at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany between August 18 and 22. The company's stand features all their high-profile franchises. Headlining the lineup is the first public showing of the tremendously exciting Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But the company will also be showing off Kane & Lynch 2, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light, Final Fantasy XIV, Front Mission Evolved, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. An exciting lineup for sure. Find out more after the break. Read More


Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Tweaked for Casual Players

Though hardcore Kingdom Hearts fans may be disappointed, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded will be more friendly to casual gamers than other entries in the series. After all, it's a game for DS- the most casual friendly system around- that's being remade from a mobile phone game. It doesn't get any less hardcore than that. Hit the jump for those details and more on Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. Read More