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King Mickey and Yen Sid prepare for an impending threat by putting Sora and Riku through the Mark of Mastery exam. Sora and Riku are sent into the Sleeping Worlds, where they will face enemies and allies that have never been seen before. If they can successfully complete the task they are given, they will be deemed true Keyblade Masters.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

Kingdom Hearts sure has come a long way. From its debut back on the PS2, it has seen releases on the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PSP and now the 3DS. While I wasn't that much impressed with the earlier iterations of the handheld Kingdom Hearts games, namely Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and even Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, I really loved Birth By Sleep. From the various gameplay mechanics introduced, to the gorgeous graphics on the PSP, it was one of my favorite KH handheld iterations to date. I can now say that Dream Drop Distance sits alongside Birth By Sleep as one of the best handheld entries to date. KH3D once again puts Sora and Riku into the hands of player as they are tasked with going through the Mark of Mastery exam, in order to prepare to take down the... Read Review

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Cheats

Rank Boost During Spirit Creation

Unlock Nintendo 3DS

Any spirits you create while in a world that is currently experiencing the Risky Winds weather will have their rank boosted by one. Risky Winds also greatly increases the chance of creating the mystery monster for recipes with more than one outcome.

Unlocking Flick Rush Cups

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Beginner's Cup Win the Training Cup
Digital Cup Finish The Grid
Final Cup Finish the Symphony of Sorcery
Horror Cup Reach Flick Rush Rank 15
Rainbow Cup Finish Prankster's Paradise
Secret Cup Reach Flick Rush Rank 17
Speed Cup Win the Rainbow Cup
Tin Pin Cup Win the Rainbow Cup
Yummy Cup Finish your second visit to Traverse Town


Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Badge of Pride Finish the story on Proud Mode
Critical Praise Finish the story on Critical Mode
Daring Diver Score more than 7,500,000 points in Dive Mode
Dream Pleaser Max out every Spirit's Affinity Level
Frequent Friend Place at least 30 Link Portals
In the Clear Finish the story
In the Munny Amass 5,000 munny
Keyslinger Take out 2,500 Dream Eaters
King of Rush Take first place in every Flick Rush cup
Memento Maniac Save at least 20 photos while bonding with Spirits
Motion Slickness Defeat 1,000 enemies while in Flowmotion
Portal Champ Complete every Special Portal and Secret Portal
Pro Linker Link with your Spirits at least 50 times
Reality Shifter Defeat 50 enemies using Reality Shift
Spirit Guide Obtain at least one of every Spirit
Stat Builder Max out every stat-boosting ability
Stop Drop Roller Rack up 2,000 Drop Points
Treasure Seeker Find every last treasure

Secret Message in Glossary

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
Secret Message in Glossary Get all the glowing letters to spell "Secret Message Unlocked" and it will give you an extra item for in your glossary.

Secret Ending in Theater Mode

Unlock Nintendo 3DS

Once you beat the game, you'll unlock Theater Mode. To get the Secret Ending, you have to get a certain amount of trophies depending on your difficulty setting. Beginner 13 Standard 7 Proud 5 Critical 0 Next, you need to answer the three questions that were asked to Riku at the end correctly. The answers are: 1. Losing something that's important.(Option 3) 2. My friends.(Option 2) 3. To find something important.(Option 2) Afterward, you need to unlock the Secret Message during the credits by collecting the gold letters during Sora's credit Dive. It will spell out "Secret Message Unlocked." Once you save your end-game file and reload it, you should get a prompt saying you unlocked the Secret Ending in Theater Mode.

Secret Boss

Unlock Nintendo 3DS

Beat the game. He's then found in the fountain area at Traverse Town.

New Game+

Unlock Nintendo 3DS
New Game+ Beat the game on any difficulty, create a New Game, and select Yes when asked to transfer data.

Critical Mode

Unlock Nintendo 3DS

Finish the game on any difficulty