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Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Trailer: It\'s a Doozy

The plot of any Kingdom Hearts game is bound to be a complicated, silly, generally nonsensical and convoluted affair, despite the games' inexplicable ability to tug on the heartstrings of millions of players around the world. For some, it's the Disney nostalgia, while for the others, the Final Fantasy characters dredge up fuzzy memories of better days and better games. For those young enough to have played the original Kingdom Hearts game as a kid, the series itself is enough to evoke nostalgia, independent of its juxtaposed influences. Now that the US release of Birth by Sleep, the franchise's first entry on the PSP, is fast approaching, a new trailer has emerged that reveals plenty of action, and plenty of story. Oh, by the way, it's seven minutes long. Guess what? It probably won't make any sense. Does it really matter, though? Hit the jump to continue reading. Read More


Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Trailer Shows Gameplay Shifts

Kingdom Hearts fans with spin-off fever will be happy to learn that a new trailer for the mobile phone to DS port Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded has emerged. The trailer shows off the game's look, which is admittedly identical to every other Kingdom Hearts games, as well as how jarring it is to watch Mickey Mouse start spouting Japanese. Oh, and there are some interesting gameplay elements in there, as well. Hit the jump and keep reading. Read More


Kingdom Hearts 3DS Will "Tear Down" Past Story Elements

Nintendo's innovative 3DS was revealed at E3 this year alongside a ridiculous amount of third party support, including news of a 3D Kingdom Hearts game for the device. In an interview with Famitsu, via GoNintendo, Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura let slip some details about the new game, including that it will not be a remake. Hit the jump for more details. Read More


Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Tweaked for Casual Players

Though hardcore Kingdom Hearts fans may be disappointed, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded will be more friendly to casual gamers than other entries in the series. After all, it's a game for DS- the most casual friendly system around- that's being remade from a mobile phone game. It doesn't get any less hardcore than that. Hit the jump for those details and more on Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. Read More


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded To Debut At E3

It seems that Kombo's earlier speculations about the mysterious new Kingdom Hearts game coming to E3 were correct. Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, a remake of a Japan-only cellphone game, is on the way for the Nintendo DS. With Kingdom Hearts III still yet to be announced, this could be the game to tide fans over for now. Hit the jump to find out more. Read More


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Coming This Summer

In yesterday's press release, Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will hit U.S. and European stores this summer. The game tells a story prior to the events in the first Kingdom Hearts, about three Keyblade Master, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. The title is a PSP exclusive that has been out in Japan for quite some time now. Other than the last handheld title, 358/2 Days, we haven't seen Mickey & friends for a while. Which raises the question, have American gamers lost interest? Read more after the break. Read More


Japan's Top 30 Games of '09

As another year comes to a close, it's always fascinating to take a look at how the games of the past year stacked up in terms of sales. While I don't have North American or European stats for you, sales figures from Japan have hit the web and clearly favor Nintendo's Wii and DS platforms. Big shocker there. Hit the cut to see Japan's top 30 games of 2009. Read More

original PS3 Gold Box and Deals for Xbox 360, DS

Amazon has whipped up another video game-themed Gold Box today, with the item of the day being Assassin's Creed II for $39.78, 34 percent off the regular price of $59.99. So far, all deals on Grand Theft Auto IV and inFamous have been claimed, but there are still several more hints which have yet to be revealed for the rest of the day. 11am PST's hint says "Get ready to rumble in this wrestling blockbuster," leading me to believe it would be WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010. 1pm PST says "Fight as you favorite Jedi or clone troopers," which obviously narrows it down. Read More


Jesse McCartney Confirms Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Localization Is In the Works

Actor and musician Jesse McCartney is well-known among the pre-teen crowds, but in the greater geekdom of videogames he's known as the voice Roxas in the Kingdom Hearts series, making appearances in Kingdom Hearts 2 and most recently in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Now, according to Jesse McCartney's Twitter, the actor will be returning to the franchise, confirming that he is working on "yet another Kingdom Hearts game." While he's a bit wrong on his statement (the first game with Roxas was the second Kingdom Hearts game, not the first), this more than likely is the upcoming PSP-exclusive Birth By Sleep, which as of yet is unconfirmed for a North American release. Still, it wouldn't be a shock to see the title next year. As for whom McCartney will be voicing, the likeliest choice is new character Ventus. Why? Because he looks exactly like Roxas, of course. Read More


Japan's Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition

For those interested in the circumstances of Modern Warfare 2's launch in Japan, it's at least starting to get some of the limited content that western gamers are now enjoying. Then again, this isn't all that unusual for Japan. Read More


Disney Trades a Voice for Mickey's Brother, But Gives the Mouse No Voice of His Own

How much is that rabbit in the window? The one with the puffy black tail? For Disney, the cost was one sportscaster: Al Michaels. That is what-- or rather, who they traded to NBC Universal to obtain the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the cartoon character which Walt Disney came up with in the 1920s, before creating Mickey Mouse and striking it rich. And why? Because as we know by now, the all but forgotten Oswald is an integral part of the plot to Junction Point's Epic Mickey game. Read More


Media: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep TGS 2009 Trailer

This trailer was shown at the Tokyo Game Show last month, and finally a high quality trailer has surfaced (a rough translation is in the video's description). It is nice to see some new enemies and gameplay elements that are not in any of the previous Kingdom Hearts games. Some new worlds will make this game feel fresh, rather than Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. Furthermore, we learn that Vanitas can wield a keyblade, most likely making him Ven's antagonist. Read More


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Gets a Release Date...In Japan

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has been a highly anticipated prequel taking place before the original Kingdom Hearts game. Tetsuya Nomura (director of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) in recent years talked about making portable Kingdom Hearts games. At last year's DKΣ371 (a private Square Enix party), a playable demo was present, and many thought the game was soon to be released. Then at Tokyo Game Show last month, a new demo and another trailer was shown. Finally, an official release date has been set for January 9th, 2010; this puts to rest the recent rumors of a December 25th release. Furthermore, this date only holds true if you live in Japan. No news yet on North American or European releases. Sadly, we have some waiting to do. My bet is on it being released sometime in August of next year, though I wouldn't be surprised if they waited until November. Until then, I will be getting my Kingdom Hearts fix by playing KH: 358/2 Days on my DS. Read More