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When you meet your Kinectimals cub for the first time, something magical happens. A friendship is immediately formed, and you quickly begin imagining all the wonderful places you’ll explore and the curious things you’ll discover together. Kinectimals has five different exotic animals to choose from, each one of them more adorable than the next. Teach them commands, play with your animal and compete in contests. This is the beginning of a wonderful and lasting friendship.

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Owning a virtual pet is a great idea, as you avoid having to clean up messes while still teaching kids traditional values. Some games are better than others though, and EyePet was too much of a one-trick pony for the PlayStation Move. There is plenty of content in Microsoft’s pet sim for the Kinect, Kinectimals, to warrant a purchase – just as long as you’ve got a properly aged player to appreciate it.You start Kinectimals by choosing your virtual pet, calling out its new name, and then playing around in a number of activities. There’s quite a bit you can do with your pet, such as brushing it and watching its fur wave about, play a round of fetch, or have it mimic the actions you perform in front of your Kinect.The mini-games keep your fuzzy pet moving while unlocking new content. You... Read Review

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