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Cheats for Kinectimals

Secret Cubs

  • Xbox 360
  • hint
Bobcat Obtain 3 Silver Medals at Cherry Blossom Grove
Bornean Clouded Leopard Obtain 3 Bronze Medals at Woodland Glade
Saber-tooth Tiger Complete the game (earn a medal in the last contest of Celestial Glacier)
Serval Obtain 3 Bronze Medals at Fiddler's Beach
Siberian Tiger Obtain 3 Gold Medals at Suri Mountain
White Jaguar Obtain 3 Silver Medals at La Selva

Avatar Awards

  • Xbox 360
  • unlock
African Leopard T-Shirt Visit the Cherry Blossom Grove.
African Lion T-Shirt Visit the Fiddler's Beach.
Cheetah T-Shirt Visit the La Selva.
Panther T-Shirt Visit the Suri Moutain.
Royal Bengal Tiger T-Shirt Visit the Glade.