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Owning a virtual pet is a great idea, as you avoid having to clean up messes while still teaching kids traditional values. Some games are better than others though, and EyePet was too much of a one-trick pony for the PlayStation Move. There is plenty of content in Microsoft’s pet sim for the Kinect, Kinectimals, to warrant a purchase – just as long as you’ve got a properly aged player to... Read Review

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Kinectimals Review

Owning a virtual pet is a great idea, as you avoid having to clean up messes while still teaching kids traditional values. Some games are better than Read More


Kinect Not Limited to Two Players After All

One of the major red flags for Kinect to this point has been the belief that the machine will only support two players. After all, in tech specs released just after E3 Microsoft claimed the device could track "two active players." Thus, the conclusion was drawn that Kinect games would support two-player multiplayer only, but it appears that may not be the case. At Gamescom Xbox general manager Kudo Tsunoda said that the device will support more than two gamers at a time, and that player limits are really an issue individual developers must decide on. "Certainly if you look at a game, go down on the floor, Dance Centralis already incorporating a lot more than two players. So you know it's not necessarily any kind of limitation as much as it is developers just trying to customize the experiences around what they think is the best way to play," Tsunoda said. "You can see like sometimes in a split-screen game it's hard to add more and more players because it's hard to see what's going on - and that's true of any game." More on the other side of the break. Read More


Kombo\'s Weekly Round-Up

    Another Monday-Friday has rolled by, so you all know what time it is: Weekly Round-Up time! You can get all of your gaming goodness from the week below. We've added a new addition to the line-up, so keep your eyes peeled out for the new, individual Reviews and Features sections that have been added to the standard Monday-Friday lineup of news. That way kids, you can find our exclusive content easier than ever! That stuff's at the bottom of the page. Let us know if you think rearranging needs to be done or if you like the new Weekly Round-Up format!   As for the Round-Up? Well, it's chock-full. This was a busy week. Media and gamers were flooded with news, trailers, and announcements via gamescom in Cologne, Germany.    Get all the week's news after the break! (Hint: Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3!)     Read More


You Can Beat Kinectimals... But Not Like That

  There's quite a few people looking forward to playing with Kinectimals, whether they're willing to admit that in public or not. So, as the release date draws ever closer, Microsoft have seen fit to share a selection of information about the furry little rascals. Find out more by waggling over the "Read More" button and saying "Please" three times. Read More


Fighters Uncaged is a Hardcore Kinect Fighting Game

One of the major criticisms levied against Microsoft's controllerless Kinect peripheral is that it simply isn't suited for anything but the most casual of games, like Kinect Sports and Nintendogs with a tiger (also known as Kinectimals. Ubisoft and Belgian developer AMA Studios are looking to prove the critics wrong, though, with the just announced Fighters Uncaged, exclusive to the Xbox 360 and Kinect. "Fighters Uncaged will deliver players the excitement of real fighting competitions, in addition to teaching players mixed martial arts techniques," reads the press release sent out today. Hit the jump to read more. Read More