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Kinect Sports sends you, your friends and family into the stadium to bring out your potential as sporting legends. Experience all the thrills of six major events: Soccer, Bowling, Track & Field, Boxing, Beach Volleyball and Table Tennis. No controller required - your body is all you need. From delivering a supreme serve to vaulting the final hurdle, the Kinect sensor tracks all your movements. Play solo to boost your personal best, tackle computer-controlled opponents, send challenges across the globe via Xbox LIVE or gather around the TV for lively living room competition. There's even a mascot-packed Party Play option for those times when everyone wants in on the action.

Kinect Sports Review

So, now that the Kinect is finally out (and we’ve spent the last day and a half playing it, hence our lack of comprehensive updates – sorry), what’s the verdict on one of the device’s biggest games, Kinect Sports? Well, aside from our complaints that the game wasn’t chosen as the ideal Kinect pack-in (that duty was left to the moderately enjoyable Kinect Adventures, which we’ll review soon), it’s a pretty good sports compilation. In fact, it provides plenty of competition for Wii Sports, which is what Microsoft had in mind, we think.The game features a variety of sports activities, including beach volleyball, bowling, track and field, boxing, table tennis and soccer. Most of them are pretty easy to get into, simply by using your hands and legs to mimic real actions as a real athlete... Read Review

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