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Kinect Nat Geo TV for Xbox 360

Kinect Nat Geo TV blends world-renowned Nat Geo WILD TV programs with Kinect for Xbox 360 technology, transporting children and their families to animal habitats around the world to inspire a sense of wonder and excitement about nature.

Kinect Nat Geo TV


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Experience the award winning programming from the Nat Geo WILD channel as never before through the magic of Kinect, as host Casey Anderson and his 800-pound grizzly bear Brutus lead you on exciting expeditions through Yellowstone and Alaska. Learn about exotic animals and their natural environment as you interact with real episodes of America the Wild! Through the magic of "reach in and explore" interactivity on Kinect, kids do more than just watch television — they will engage, play and learn using their full bodies, gestures and voices.

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