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Killzone: Shadow Fall will be set around 30 years after the events of the previous Killzone games. The game features the Vektan and Helghast factions living in a large city that is divided by a security wall.[3] The Helghast are fighting for their right to exist, while the Vektans are fighting for survival.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

Prior to the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall on PlayStation 4, Guerilla Games' Steven Ter Heide, game director, called it a great entry point to the franchise. For gamers new to PlayStation family, this game was supposed to present a "fresh start" for the franchise as most of the characters and story arcs have "passed into history," according to Ter Heide. Well-versed in first-person shooters, but new to the Killzone universe, I was eager to experience Shadow Fall. A brief cinematic opening explains the overall setup of the game: following events presumably from the end of Killzone 3, the two factions of warring humans -- the Vektans and the Helghast -- are forced to live side-by-side together on the same planet, with just a large single wall dividing... Read Review

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