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Killzone: Mercenary is a first-person shooter in the Killzone series, developed specifically for the PlayStation Vita platform and powered by the stunning Killzone engine. Starting just after the ending of the original Killzone, and revisiting many of the events from the Killzone trilogy, the game puts players in the rugged combat boots of a mercenary named Arran Danner. Danner is a former UCA-soldier who has no qualms about taking on paid contracts from the ISA as well as the Helghast. Killzone: Mercenary makes full use of PlayStation Vita’s considerable input and graphics capabilities. It enhances the familiar dual-stick FPS control scheme with touch controls for actions such as brutal melee, and with tilt controls for accurate sniper aiming. 

Killzone: Mercenary Review

Whether you’re talking about its gunplay, graphics, or massive download size, Killzone: Mercenary is a weighty, substantial game. It fits the spirit of the franchise in a lot of ways, but on a handheld platform, Killzone’s typical traits come as quite a surprise. The game shouldn’t be possible on such a small device, yet here it is, and it works remarkably well. Better yet, Guerrilla Cambridge didn’t merely fit an epic shooter on a portable, they made a game worth playing on its own merits. Mercenary’s biggest surprise came a couple hours into its single-player campaign, when I realized how much I was getting wrapped up in its plot. This isn’t BioShock Infinite or anything, but Mercenary is certainly a leap above your usual Call of Duty... Read Review

Killzone: Mercenary Multiplayer Tips for Fun & Winning

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It may be hard to believe, but we finally have a handheld first-person shooter worthy of some Tips for Fun & Winning. I typically reserve these articles for competitive online games like Battlefield 3 and Halo 4, where there’s enough depth to make a list of tips viable. Surprisingly, Killzone: Mercenary on Vita actually fits the bill perfectly, offering online multiplayer on a... View Guide

Killzone: Mercenary Cheats

There are currently no cheats available for Killzone: Mercenary.