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Killzone 3 Review

How ironic is it that we’re only the second month into the New Year and we’re already getting a game that’s contender for Best of the Year? Seriously, everything that could go right for Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 3 absolutely does, from the enthralling single-player campaign to the addictive multiplayer to the high-level presentation, which does wonders for the PlayStation 3 hardware.Warning:... Read Review

Killzone 3 News


Killzone 3 | Multiplayer Experience Trailer

Introducing Killzone3 Multiplayer, the complete online multiplayer mode from the gritty and intense first-person shooter, available for download via PlayStation Network. The Multiplayer experience allows players immediate access to the Killzone 3 online universe and includes every multiplayer map, including every add-on map pack. Read More

Vito Gesualdi Feb 28, 2012 | Comments
PS Vita

Screw the Vita, buy a PSP

Vito Gesualdi has five good reasons why you should consider skipping the Vita launch and investing in a PSP. Does he have a point, or is he just a cheap bastard? Read More

Vito Gesualdi Jan 13, 2012 | Comments