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  • Available on Wii
  • For fans of Adventure
  • Release Date(s): TBA
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Game Summary

In a time when men and gods lived in harmony, the kingdom of Angel Land was ruled by two goddesses: Palutena, the Goddess of Light, and Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness. Unlike Palutena, Medusa despised all humans and enjoyed destroying their crops and turning them into stone. One day, Palutena decided to punish the evil Medusa and banished her after turning her into a hideous monster. But Medusa would not go without a fight. She created an army of monsters and evil spirits and captured Palutena. Players play as Pit, a young angel trapped in the Underworld, and Palutena's only hope. They use a magical bow to retrieve the Sacred Treasures, defeat Medusa and restore peace to Angel Land.

Kid Icarus Cheats

Continue game play

Unlock Wii
Quickly press B, A, B, at the game over screen before the title screen appears.

Final password

Unlock Wii
Enter KidKid Icarus KidKid Icarus as a case-sensitive password to start at the final level will all items and treasures.

Modify shop prices

Unlock Wii
Press A + B on controller two while in a shop to raise or lower the prices.

Special Passwords

Unlock Wii
Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding level with the indicated status. Level 2-4, invincibility, unlimited feathers Enter ICARUS FIGHTS MEDUSA ANGELS as a password. Level 3-4, unlimited potions, many items Enter PAKING PAKING PAKING PAKING as a password. Level 4-1, many items Enter DANGER !!!!!! TERROR HORROR as a password. Last level, invincible, three treasures Enter 8UUUUU UUUUUU UUUUUU UUUUUU as a password. Information in this section was contributed by Cloud Strife. Last level, 9,999,999 points Enter AuW2e5 XcdF00 mt000G K50Wuu as a password.

Level Passwords

Unlock Wii
1-4 0000eu 60j700 uG0004 1000J0 2-1 0000ys T0J300 m2001C H000aS 2-4 00008C i04400 mIG01D I0005F 3-1 0000mu w0K200 O3G00H I100s5 3-4 0000y0 11X200 u0G00H I100t0 4-1 AuW2e5 XcdF00 mt000G K50Wuu