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Katamari Damacy - Feature

Katamari Damacy

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Kombo's Weekly Round-Up

The Halo: Reach review is here, and what more is there to say about this week in gaming news. It's the big story of the week - yes, even eclipsing the release of NHL 11, and according to Mike, who was lucky enough to review the game, it's a classic.  Be sure to check it out, and of course, be sure to catch up on all the news of the week. It was a doozy, from Nintendo's Wii follow-up console to Arkham City details to a really special design analysis of God of War II.  Check it out below in our weekly round-up (yes, I know, it's a day late. I was at a football game yesterday, and I apologize profusely!) Read More


Katamari Damacy Creator Rolls Away from Namco

Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi has left Namco Bandai, presumably because the King of All Cosmos has destroyed the universe once more and Takahashi (or the Prince to those in the know), must use a sticky ball to roll up everyday household items in order to restore the stars and planets. Ok, so that's not exactly true, but Takahashi's real motive behind leaving seems to be a lot more spiteful and bitter. While no specific reason for Takahashi's departure has been given, it seems that his relations with the company had soured. He recently called Namco Bandai a "so-so company," and stated "I am so inefficient I only made four games in 11 years." Clearly this is a fellow who was none too pleased with his job and eventually got so fed up he simply quit. It's a sensation we've all had at various points in our lives, Takahashi simply went ahead and acted on it. More after the break. Read More


New NeverDead Trailer Features Head-Rolling Gameplay

  \\ For a few years now gamers have been complaining about dying in games. It is an unnecessary nuisance, but few games have attempted to tackle the dilemma in a creative way. Enter Konami and their new third-person shooter NeverDead. The main character in NeverDead can, surprisingly, never die. In lieu of dying, the spiky haired protagonist simply explodes into several body parts when he takes too much damage.  From there the camera follows around the characters head, while the player rolls it around attempting to latch on to his arms, legs, and torso. It is all a very macabre version of Katamari Damacy.  Get a video of the aforementioned head-rolling after the jump. Read More


Sony Considering More HD PS2 Collections

After the success of Sony's recent God of War re-release, in which both original God of War titles were given the HD treatment and released on a single Blu-ray disc for PS3, Sony is apparently looking into giving other series similar makeovers. A Kotaku reader sent them a snapshot over the weekend of a Sony survey that asked the question "What titles would you like to see in a future collection (2 or more PS2 titles upgraded with similar features to God of War Collection)?" Is Sony simply "wallet mining," as one commenter said, by planning on repackaging every single PS2 title that could make them a shred of cash, or will only the games people are interested in- and the ones that really deserve to be revisited- be making it back to store shelves? More speculation after the jump. Read More


Random Video of the Day: Once Upon a Pixel - Mega Man

The folks behind "Once Upon a Pixel" at Destructoid, which has retold such great video game stories as BioShock, Katamari Damacy, and Silent Hill 2 in the form of children's story books, has finally touched on one of my favorites: Mega Man. And with so many colorful, memorable characters, it only makes sense that it would take the form of an A-B-C book: Video Games | Once Upon a Pixel | Mega ManXBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii I love how Mega Man is painted as the story's resident killjoy (or would that be "resident evil"?). Too bad they fudged with the "U" part, though. What's wrong with Uranus? Read More