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Kane and Lynch 2 Tops UK Chart Despite Mixed Reception

Kane and Lynch 2 Tops UK Chart Despite Mixed Reception

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, the sequel to 2007's critically panned Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, debuted last week at number one on the multi-platform UK chart, despite another mixed reception from critics. With a mediocre Metacritic score of 65 (out of 100), one might predict the game would be a financial failure, as publishers have suggested in the past that any score below the high 70s is practically a death sentence when it comes to games. Not so, in this case. Find out (maybe) why after the break. Read More

kombo August 23, 2010 | Comments
Army of Two - PS3 - Review

Army of Two - PS3 - Review

Anyone who has spent a long period of time in the arcades a long while back can tell you that games such as Contra or Double Dragon were best played Read More

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