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Rare Celebrate Quarter-Century With Dull New Logo

What younger gamers might not know about UK developer Rare is that they've been around for a very long time. 25 years, in fact. As a result, they're celebrating as only a big company owned by Microsoft know how. By changing their logo. Whatever everyone might think of their new logo, there's no denying Rare's considerable contribution to the games industry. Hit the jump for a brief history lesson. Read More


Cutbacks and Casual Causality Kill Kameo 2's Creation

It has been revealed that a sequel to the Xbox 360 launch title Kameo: Elements of Power was in the works at Rare, but has recently been canned by Microsoft in favor of more Project Natal-oriented projects. CVG reports that a source "close to the platform holder," i.e. Microsoft, said that the recent company-wide restructuring saw numerous "traditional" franchise sequels get the axe. But in the case of Kameo 2, its weak sales at the system's launch didn't exactly help sway anyone's decision toward keeping it on track. Rare is said to be "intimately involved" in the launch of Project Natal, including some non-traditional games. But when asked for comment, Microsoft delivered the usual "rumor and speculation" line. Read More


Update: First 24 Titles for Xbox 360 'Games on Demand' Announced

At E3 this year, Microsoft announced a service in which 360 users could download popular titles onto their consoles. This service would be much more efficient than the current one, as these titles could be bought with straight up cash instead of the proprietary Microsoft Points. Soon after, this service was named Games on Demand. Contrary to what was posted earlier, North America will have a list of 24 games available at launch on August 11. Games on Demand is just one of many services encompassed in Microsoft's latest update. Other features include an improved Avatar marketplace and expanded Netflix. For a full list of features, click here. After the cut is a list of the 24 titles available at launch. Read More


Rare Says Perfect Dark and Kameo "Sold Phenomenally Well"

Here's another tidbit from Videogamer's sitdown interview with Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton. Apparently, both Xbox 360 launch games Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo: Elements of Power sold "phenomenally well." "One of the things that I always find funny is when people always quote Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero as being flops at the launch of the 360," said Burton. "In the industry if you break even you're lucky, you're in the minority. If you make a decent amount of money you're really in the minority. You're in the top percentile. Those two games made a lot of money. For the install base they sold phenomenally well. Kameo is still selling now." -- Nick Burton, speaking to Videogamer Looking back, I probably overrated Perfect Dark Zero. But I did like the game. I also really enjoyed Kameo, too, even if it lacked the Rare magic seen in past platformers from the developer. That said, they probably both sold really well because there weren't many alternatives during the Xbox 360 launch window. Read More


Star Wars Battlefront Comes to Middle Earth...Kinda

Ages ago, before the Wii had cut a swath through its competitors, when the PS3 was still hanging with the crew in Sony's R&D department, I remember booting-up Kameo: Elements of Power on the Xbox 360. In particular, I remember the game's plastic-y graphics, infuriating controls, and cookie-cutter art style. But after that, my mind harkens back to Kameo's sprawling overworld that, while nondescript -- even boring -- at first, was soon overrun with legions of cartoon orcs. Now, that always seemed a little out of place to me. I mean, Kameo was a platformer -- those legions stomping around the landscape only served to flex the Xbox 360's hulking muscles. "Why does this game suck so much?" I'd wonder. And after that, "Where are the Balrogs?" Gigantic battles were Lord of the Rings' forte, and the then next-gen consoles finally had the power to make those clashes work in game form. Well, today, chest thrust outward in a gesture of triumph, I can finally exclaim: "Took 'em long enough." Pandemic and Electronic Arts have officially announced the development of Lord of the Rings: Conquest, a "spiritual successor" to Star Wars Battlefront, of all things. "In a partnership with New Line Cinema, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest is an action-packed game created by the same Pandemic Studios team behind the best-selling Star Wars Battlefront™ and Star Wars Battlefront™ II titles," reads the press release. "Set in 'The Lord of the Rings' universe of J.R.R. Tolkien as depicted by the Academy Award®-winning films, players will finally fight the entirety of these epic battles any way they want." Any way we want? How captivating! Do go on. Read More