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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - NDS Cheats

Unlock Characters

Unlock Nintendo DS
Axe Beat mission 3-5 with Sting
Blue Minion Clear Wrath's mission 9-5
Buzzstinger Bee Clear Axe's mission 4-5
Buzzstinger Bloom Clear Camo's mission 4-5
Buzzstinger Frost Clear Spear's mission 6-5
Buzzstinger Hornet Clear Sting's mission 2-5
Buzzstinger Wasp Clear Thrust's mission 8-5
Camo Clear Thrust's mission 4-5
Dispider Clear Onyx's mission 3-5
Dragon Knight (Survive) Acquired during Dragon Knight's Ventara Mode
Inscisor Beat mission 3-5 with Dragon Knight
Megazelle Clear Spear's mission 7-5
Onyx Clear Siren's mission 8-5
Red Minion Clear Incisor's mission 1-5
Siren Clear Strike's mission 7-5
Spear Clear Camo's mission 6-5
Sting Beat mission 3-5 with Incisor
Strike Play Torques Ventra Mode
Strike (Cerebeast) Clear Strike's mission 8-5
Strike (Evildiver) Clear Strike's mission 5-5
Strike (Metalgelas) Clear Strike's mission 6-5
Thrust Clear Incisor's mission 4-5
Torque Beat mission 3-5 with Wing Knight
White Minion Clear Sting's mission 9-5
Wing Knight (Survive) Acquired during Wing Knight's Ventara Mode
Wrath Clear Onyx's mission 8-5
Xaviax Complete all missions on all Kamen Riders
Zebraskull Bronze Clear Siren's mission 6-5
Zebraskull Iron (Duel mode only) Play Axe's Ventra mode mode