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In Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, players can play as all 13 Kamen Riders from the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight live action series, each with their own unique Contract Beasts, Advent Cards, and special abilities. With almost 40 years of history in Japan on television and manga in addition to the current show on TheCW4Kids, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight allows fans of the franchise to fight battles against other Kamen Riders or dive into stage mission mode that lets players to go head-to-head or fight legions of enemies as they explore Ventara and stop the menacing plot of General Xaviax.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - NDS Cheats

Unlock Characters

Unlock Nintendo DS
Axe Beat mission 3-5 with Sting
Blue Minion Clear Wrath's mission 9-5
Buzzstinger Bee Clear Axe's mission 4-5
Buzzstinger Bloom Clear Camo's mission 4-5
Buzzstinger Frost Clear Spear's mission 6-5
Buzzstinger Hornet Clear Sting's mission 2-5
Buzzstinger Wasp Clear Thrust's mission 8-5
Camo Clear Thrust's mission 4-5
Dispider Clear Onyx's mission 3-5
Dragon Knight (Survive) Acquired during Dragon Knight's Ventara Mode
Inscisor Beat mission 3-5 with Dragon Knight
Megazelle Clear Spear's mission 7-5
Onyx Clear Siren's mission 8-5
Red Minion Clear Incisor's mission 1-5
Siren Clear Strike's mission 7-5
Spear Clear Camo's mission 6-5
Sting Beat mission 3-5 with Incisor
Strike Play Torques Ventra Mode
Strike (Cerebeast) Clear Strike's mission 8-5
Strike (Evildiver) Clear Strike's mission 5-5
Strike (Metalgelas) Clear Strike's mission 6-5
Thrust Clear Incisor's mission 4-5
Torque Beat mission 3-5 with Wing Knight
White Minion Clear Sting's mission 9-5
Wing Knight (Survive) Acquired during Wing Knight's Ventara Mode
Wrath Clear Onyx's mission 8-5
Xaviax Complete all missions on all Kamen Riders
Zebraskull Bronze Clear Siren's mission 6-5
Zebraskull Iron (Duel mode only) Play Axe's Ventra mode mode