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Dance to the rhythm of your favorite beat with Just Dance, a music & rhythm video game that allows you to dance the night away with your friends and family without ever leaving the house. With simple pick-up and play controls, anyone can join the party.

Just Dance Review

Ever wanted to hook up your Wii and dance without those pesky little buttons or floor mats? Well, you will have that chance now. Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii console has been released by Ubisoft and it may be one of the first dancing games that you actually get to dance in. Unlike its predecessors, Just Dance doesn't use buttons to bust out the dance moves. You actually have to get up and just dance  if you want to get a high score on this title. Just Dance offers a variety of different songs and genres to dance to. Everything from "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baja Men to "Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer are offered, included with tons of dance moves that are sure to make you look as ridiculous as possible. This dance title does offer some very... Read Review

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    Just Dance - WII - Review

    jkdmedia Dec 20, 2009