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From the Kinect Joy Ride creators comes Joy Ride Turbo, a controller-based arcade racer delivering precision handling and crazy stunts with more thrills, speed, & mayhem! In the new Stunt Park, you’re free to show off! There’s no limit to the whacky tour de force you achieve with friends. It’s a vibrant playground for your car - jump off cliffs, shoot from a cannon, & more. Plus, explore and find collectibles that unlock cars – giving you an edge for faster races and death-defying tricks. Race new tracks, old favorites and 3 modes of play: Battle Race, Pro Race & Time Trial. Challenge family & friends to local 4-player split-screen or race up to 8 on Xbox LIVE. With Joy Ride Turbo, everyone’s in the driver’s seat in this madcap kart racer.

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When Joy Ride Kinect came out in late 2010, it offered mixed results.  To kids and casual players, it offered a different way to drive around, sticking your arms in front of you and twisting them around while you held an invisible steering wheel.  But to everyone else, the motion controls felt unnecessary, especially considering that Big Park first put the game together as a racing experience to use with a traditional controller.  Well, it turns out someone at Microsoft was listening, because now we got the Joy Ride game as it was originally intended — as a downloadable release for Xbox Live Arcade. Joy Ride Turbo carries the same concept as its Kinect brethren, as you race around a series of tracks through championship and quick races, competing against... Read Review

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    Joy Ride Turbo review

    Robert Workman May 30, 2012