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Jolly Rover is a light-hearted swashbuckling 2D point and click adventure in a pirate setting. Containing a cast of 25 skilfully animated and voiced scurvy dogs, and over 60 beautifully rendered scenes, our game follows the short and stubby tail of young Gaius James Rover, across three wild and untamed tropical islands, as he attempts to fulfil his dream of starting a circus, hampered only by pirates, villains, voodoo, love and considerable lack of loot.

Jolly Rover Review

At first glance, Jolly Rover looks similar to the point-and-click adventure series, Monkey Island, except all of the characters have been replaced with dogs. Although Jolly Rover draws inspiration heavily from those games, it still has enough charm and personality to stand on its own.The game stars a happy-go-lucky Dachshund named Gaius James Rover, a sailing merchant who becomes tangled up with pirates. After having his cargo stolen, and himself captured, the pirates still deliver the cargo, but now Gaius (nicknamed Jolly Rover after his father who was a clown), is in debt to the governor for not bringing the cargo himself. This predicament starts a full-on adventure that sends Jolly from the pirate ship to a cannibal island run by man-hating female dogs. There’s even time for a little... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Jolly Rover.