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Joe Danger, the world’s most determined stuntman, returns to embark on a death-defying thrill-ride across the set of the greatest blockbuster movie ever made. Across 100 crazy levels he’ll chase crooks by police bike, destroy laser-firing robots with a stolen jetpack, escape giant boulders in a minecart, time-travel to punch dinosaurs from a quad bike and divert nuclear missiles on a unicycle. Take on and win the super-challenging Pro Medals, or compete against your friends’ best times with seamlessly downloaded ghosts! Choose to play from a range of playable characters, including the cast of Team Fortress 2, and create and share your own levels in Movie Maker, including a special Minecraft-themed set. Strap on the helmet of Joe Danger, impress the director and make action movie history!

Joe Danger 2: The Movie Review

A couple of years ago, a four-person team at Hello Games created the independent darling Joe Danger for PlayStation Network, putting the company's name on the map.  But little would they know how much success they would be in for, as Microsoft signed them on to make an enhanced edition of the game for Xbox Live a year later.  Since it performed so well, the team went back to work on the sequel, which is finally available as – for the time being – an Xbox Live exclusive.  But does Joe Danger 2: The Movie live up to the hype of the original?  Even though it doesn't push hard enough to exceed expectations, the answer is definitely yes. This time around, instead of pleasing crowds in packed stadiums, Joe Danger has taken to Hollywood, where a... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Joe Danger 2: The Movie.