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The Future of Bizarre Creations, or Why You Shouldn't Listen to Twitter

Earlier this afternoon, mini-blogging and rumor-fanning site Twitter blew a freaking gasket over the supposed shutting down of Project Gotham Racing and James Bond 007: Blood Stone creators Bizarre Creations. The Liverpool studio was said to have been axed by Activision mere hours ago, with the news originating from a statement on Giant Bomb that the studio will be subject to a "90-day consultation period, statutory redundancy." How this translates to the studio being shut down, necessarily, is beyond me. Read More

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Breaking Down Bond

The old Bonds inspired a generation of men with womanizing and car-loads of gadgets. Unfortunately for them, iPhones and Droids make their gadgets lo Read More


007 Blood Stone Official Details Leaked

Update: Here's the official reveal trailer for the game, just released, which shows off some very interested hand-to-hand combat, boat and helicopter action, and story details that have something to do with terrorists. Enjoy! Fans of suave super spy James Bond are going to have their hands full in the coming months, what with the Goldeneye remake on the Wii and Bizarre Creations' 007: Blood Stone, details of which have just been leaked by a Eurythmics fan site. The game appears to be a mix of both shooting and driving sequences, and players control Bond, likened once again after Daniel Craig, from the 3rd person. What's a Eurythmics fan site doing leaking a video game, though? Find out after the jump. Read More