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If you’re like me and love the Jak and Daxter games, the thought of a PSP game with both title characters had me excited. Sure, playing a game with Daxter as the main character was great fun but we missed Jak and the firepower he brings to the series. Thankfully, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier brings most of the things we love about the series and does not disappoint.   In... Read Review

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Jak & Daxter Return on PSP and PS2 November 3rd

For nearly four years, fans have awaited the return of that elf boy and his trash-talking ottsel friend. That wait will end next month, as Sony has officially announced a November 3rd release date for Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier for the PSP, PSPgo, and PS2. Developed by High Impact Games, the company behind last year's Secret Agent Clank, the title brings back the classic tandem gameplay of Jak 1-3, with some new shooting segments. It also features the return of Dark Jak, and Daxter will be getting a new shade as well: his dark form debuts in Lost Frontier. Read More


Sony's Playable Games Lineup for TGS '09

While I'm sure many of you won't be able to attend this year's Tokyo Game Show and try out a number of upcoming titles, you can bet that those lucky enough to attend will be more than happy to fill you in with details on what was playable at this year's show. Sony's got an ambitious lineup of playable games that will undoubtedly satisfy any fan of the PlayStation brand. Hit the cut to find out what Sony's bringing with them to this year's TGS. Read More


Sony Brings Jak & Daxter Back to the PS2 and PSP

Were you one of the people that said "who cares" to the announcement of Sony's price drop of the PS2? Don't we all already own one? Well if not, you're not out of the loop yet: after a rumored fourth Jak & Daxter game, Sony has confirmed it is indeed in development for release later this year on the PS2 and PSP. Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier is being developed by Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank developers High Impact Games. There was no mention of Naughty Dog, who developed the previous three platforming games in the franchise. The Lost Frontier will play similarly to previous entries of the series, combining action based platforming with vehicle combat, as well as giving Jak a new weapon to wield, called the gunstaff, that has the capability to transform into new and different weapons. High Impact is also including five different kinds of aircraft to expand the vehicle-based action to the skies. It's an interesting choice for Sony to go this route for the game, rather than focusing on a current generation installment. Read More