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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action is a new, contemporary remake of the famous classic. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action will be redesigned using 3D graphics in an isometric view, the user interface will have a brand new look and an extensive tutorial will serve as an easy guide to introduce players to the complex system of rules. The innovative “Plan & Go” combat system combines RTS gameplay with turn-based elements to guarantee dynamic gameplay while retaining the intricacies of the tactics. Besides these new features, players can enjoy the popular mix of roleplay, strategy and tactical warfare. Jagged Alliance: Back in Action takes you to a fictitious country called Arulco: a ruthless dictator has seized absolute power and only a small group of rebels are still able to resist the tyranny. You command the rebels and the best mercenaries in the world are fighting on your side, provided you keep your troops supplied with plenty of cash and morale! You will require diplomatic skill and nerves of steel to win against the reign of terror.

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Review

In case you’ve been missing Jagged Alliance 2 and have been waiting with baited breath for a revamp of the game with better features and graphics, that time is now.  Kalypso has brought back the revolutionary squad based, tactical, RPG with modern technology.  Jagged Alliance: Back in Action was released February 14th (happy belated Valentine’s Day) and it is quite addictive. You are a commander hired to take back a small island nation from your employer’s tyrannical wife.  He has put a bounty on her head and it’s your job to take her out.  You play as a ‘behind the scenes’ sort of protagonist.  Your work horses in this game are mercenaries you hire by looking up their dossier and buying their killer resumes via... Read Review

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