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Use the supernatural powers of Jack Lumber to massacre the forest and make Granny proud in this time-warping line-drawing log-slicing pun-filled lumberjacking mashup from Owlchemy Labs!

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As portable gaming continues to be dominated by the casual market, mobile games, especially those for iOS, have sort of begun to develop a checklist of their own about what makes a game of that type stand out from the literally hundreds of games that come out each week to compete with it. Jack Lumber, the new log-slicing game from Sega and Owlchemy Labs, literally has all of it. This, coupled with it’s high production value and bizarre sense of humor, have made Jack Lumber into something pretty darn fun. The game is similar to Fruit Ninja in that items, in this case logs, are sort of tossed in the air for the player to slice with their finger, or in this case, chop with their finger axe. There’s real strategy to it though, because you may only touch your finger to the... Read Review

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