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Ivy the Kiwi Review

Ivy the Kiwi Review

The name Yuji Naka won’t raise too many eyebrows, but Sonic the Hedgehog will. Naka is most famous for being the “father of Sonic,” but has contributed to many of Sega’s beloved franchises. After breaking away from Sega in 2006, he formed his own studio called Prope. Ivy the Kiwi? their latest effort and it combines profoundly simple, elegant gameplay with visuals that will warm the heart of any Ebenezer Scrooge. The game is presented as a story book. It might seem a bit odd since the entire game is rather light on story. There is the initial set-up, but from that point on Ivy the Kiwi? (the question mark is because she isn’t sure if she is actually a kiwi) resembles more of a wonderfully illustrated picture book. The visuals are arrestingly gorgeous as it looks like Ivy and the whimsical world in which she lives springs to life with a sincere innocence. The muted tones of the color palette shade Ivy the Kiwi? with a omnipresent sadness that permeates throughout the game since the tiny heroine is an orphan looking for her mama. Remarkably, this story is mostly told without words. Read More

kombo Sep 20, 2010 | Comments

Ivy the Kiwi? review

With so many big names such as Metroid: Other M, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, and Halo taking up a huge chunk of the gaming spotlight, it’s easy to overlo Read More

David Sanchez Aug 31, 2010 | Comments