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InviZimals turns your PSP system into a virtual creature hunter that lets you hunt and capture the monsters living in the world around you. Use the bundled PSP camera and follow the clues as you track them around the world. Once yours, battle against your friends or train them to become stronger. Use a wide range of techniques to capture them in your world; yell into the microphone to scare them, slap your hand down or shoot them from the sky.

Invizimals Review

When Pokemon first made its way to our shores 12 years ago, kids everywhere imagined what it would be like if our world was overrun with these monsters. Invizimals for the PSP tries to capture that imagination by using augmented reality, and projecting monsters into our world using the PSP camera. Can the innovative use of the camera liven up the monster training genre?The premise of Invizimals is that tiny creatures (invisible animals) live among us, and only the top-secret PSP camera is able to see them. You are recruited to hunt them down, train them, and take down rivals in battle, all the while learning about their existence. Sound familiar? It's more or less the same setup that any Poke-fan is accustomed to, except this time, 'you' are the main character.Main characters speak... Read Review

Invizimals Cheats

Unlock Special Invizimal

Unlock Playstation Portable

Go to The World Map, Then Hold Select & press Up, Right, Down, Left, in that order & a small BIG SECRET place will appear, Go there & Click Capture Invizimals, Now these invizimals aren't ordinary ones as you may well know, they need special images to be attracted, there are 4 of them.