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Duplicate monsters

Glitch Nintendo DS

Play until reaching a situation where a slow moving monster, like a jelly, is above your character in a lengthy vertical hall. Move down until the monster is almost off the top of the screen, then quickly move back up. If the timing was correct, the monster at the top of the screen will have been duplicated and there will be two of them.

Pause Game

Code Nintendo DS

While playing the game, press 1 and 9 at the same time to pause the game.

Warp to the Last Cave

Hint Nintendo DS

If you immediately head to the bottom right corner of the main map, you can push buttons at random and down+right to reappear in the top left corner. This gives you a straight walk to the final cave, no canoe needed. :)

During gameplay, press 1 and 9 on the keypad.

Move a tank to the bottom of the screen, then inactivate it. Shoot another tank once or twice to force it to move down. Re-activate the first tank, position it so it faces directly downward, and drive forward until it magically appears at the top of the screen with full health.

Astrosmash Hidden Game

Unlock Nintendo DS

While playing hold Reset for three seconds, then go to the game select screen.

Astrosmash Score Display

Unlock Nintendo DS

Achieve over 9,999,999 points in the game and instead of numbers you will see a random display of characters for your score.

Auto Racing Hidden Game

Unlock Nintendo DS

At the title screen, hold 4, 7, 8, 9, 0, then press the button on the lower left.

B-17 Bomber Restore Health

Glitch Nintendo DS
Get hit with a large amount of enemy fire at high altitude. The damage counter will increase by such a large amount that it will reset before your bomber hits the ground and allow it to continue flying.

Press 0 at the title screen to view the credits.

Simultaneously press 2 + 3 on controller one and simultaneously press 2 + 6 on controller two, and then push reset to see the secret message.

To see the credits, press 0 on the title screen.

Hold 2 + 3 on controller one, 2 + 6 on controller two, and then press Reset to receive a message from the programmer to his family.

Hover Force Credits

Hint Nintendo DS

Press 0 when at the title screen.

At power up, hold keys 1 and 3 on the left controller, and hold keys 1, 2, and 3 on the right controller.

Night Stalker Codes

Code Nintendo DS
Ultimate Code Up, Down, L, R, R, R, R, L, L, L, R, R, L, L, L

Run by using controller one, and use controller two to shoot.

At the title screen, press 0 to view the credits.


Star Strike Freeze Your Ship

Hint Nintendo DS

Hold the D-pad on controller one in any position and press one of the Top Action Buttons. The ship will remain at the same screen position, and no time will pass. Release the D-pad to resume normal game play.

At power up, hold 1 and 9 on the left controller (or 3 and 7, which is equivalent).

Tower of Doom Credits

Unlock Nintendo DS

To see the credits, press 0 on the title screen.

Note the narrow spot on the upper half of the skyscraper. Shooting at that location horizontally will always result in the bullets passing directly through the tower, and out the other side. This lets you shoot targets without flying round the building.

Move your fishing boat to the far right side, right beside the Island. Press left and right constantly and move slightly up and down until your boat goes through the wall. Once your in move right for a while then come back to the game and your boat will be like a pirate or a hurricane. You will not be able to exit your boat but you can destroy Pirate ships and the other players ships. I was also able to get on land once and destroy crops and buildings.

Vectron Hidden Message

Unlock Nintendo DS

Once you complete level 99, at the bottom of the screen, you can see the words 'Congratulations you are very good'