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Insurgency Map Pack Crawls Out From Shadows for Splinter Cell: Conviction

The first DLC pack for Splinter Cell: Conviction has been let out of the shadows by Ubisoft. The "Insurgency Pack" is priced at $10 (800 MS Points) and will be arriving on May 27. The "Insurgency Pack" will feature four new Deniable Ops maps that bring new settings to the title, ranging from "the docks of San Francisco to a New Orleans cemetery, a prison in Portland to a hidden research complex in Salt Lake City." That's a pretty wide sweep of settings, and they will be capped off with 250 Achievement Points for those of you who just want your gamerscores to sit in the 10's of thousands. Will the map pack be worthwhile? And what's happened to the "weekly free DLC" promoted by Ubisoft? Will it continue? Read More