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Building upon the addictive gameplay and breathtaking visuals of the critically acclaimed and best-selling hit Infinity Blade, the forthcoming sequel will further expand the franchise as it continues to raise the bar for AAA mobile gaming. Developed by Epic Games’ award-winning studio Chair Entertainment, Infinity Blade II will challenge gamers to journey further into the world of the Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans, building skills and upgrading characters in new ways as they delve deeper into the story of this mysterious, timeless adventure.

Infinity Blade II Review

When the original Infinity Blade debuted on iOS devices last year, it really pushed forward the mobile gaming market.  The way it produced unmatchable visuals for the iPad and iPhone platforms was really a thing of beauty.  Even though the gameplay wasn’t anywhere near what, say, Dark Souls had to offer, it provided enough hack-and-slash fun to make the game a best seller.  Still, there were some quirks we had to get over, like the lack of variety in enemies and such.  However, Chair Entertainment has appeared to address them all with Infinity Blade II, a much mightier game than the original. The premise is about the same as the first, but we’re not complaining.  You take on the role of  Siris, a knight seeking to vengeance his... Read Review

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