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inFamous 2 is a single player, Open World game, exclusive to PlayStation 3. The second chapter in the best selling infamous franchise, this immersive adventure offers a powerful, emotional, and visceral take on being a superhero, and the choices that involves. Features include: a unique blend of electrical and melee combat abilities, epic boss battles, a new morality system allowing for two possible game endings, user generated missions and more.

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Do you like feeling like a super hero? Or perhaps you prefer to be an evil mastermind, terrorizing everyone in sight. If either of those descriptions apply, then prepare yourself, as inFamous 2 is an amazing follow-up to an amazing PlayStation exclusive.To give you a quick refresher on the backstory, in the first game Cole opens a mysterious package that contains the Ray Sphere, leaving Empire City a destruction-filled mess and giving Cole some new electrifying abilities. He's then thrust into an ongoing battle to gain strength, which will enable him to defeat a monster called the Beast. The second game picks up one month after the first game ends and shows the Beast attacking Empire City. Unable to fend him off, Cole and friends flee to New Marais, the new setting of the game. If... Read Review

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