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  • Available on PC
  • For fans of Action
  • Release Date(s): Apr 14, 2010
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Game Summary

Based on the hit movie Independence Day, ID4 Online allows players to assume the role of either the Aliens bent on destroying humankind, or the humans, who are struggling to drive the Alien menance from the solar system once and for all. The game takes place a generation after the movie, which has given the humans on earth the time to learn from Alien technology and create their own fleet of space-based fighting ships. Human technology was developed just in time, for the Aliens soon returned, making huge bases in space near Earth, from which they plan on launching their final devastating campaign. Fielding their own fleet of fighters, the Aliens and Humans engage in battle over some of the most well-known objects in the solar system -- the Moon, Mars, and even Earth. Featuring a fully 3D-accelerated engine, ID4 Online allows up to 20 players to engage each other in a match, with an unlimited number of matches running. Action is 1st person, utilizing a special "arcade" - like ship controlling mechanism that allows the player to thrust his ship in any direction.

Independence Day 4 Online Cheats


Unlock PC
Enter LIVE FREE as your name for invincibility
KIWI for Invincibility, full weapons, fast reload and level selection and plane selection. *Note: This code also enables Fast Reload, Level And Plane Selection.

Cheat Menu

Unlock PC
Enter RADARMY as your player name. Then back the main menu hit CTRL+RIGHT SHIFT+8 to bring up a cheat menu.