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Ikaruga News


Weekly Wrap-Up 9/16/11

After a long week, there's nothing quite like sitting in front of your TV or computer and playing some video games. Of course, reading about video ga Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments

Kyotokei Review

A lot of gamers can attest to finding some degree of enjoyment in the side-scrolling shoot 'em up genre, regardless of their preference. The bullet h Read More

David Sanchez Sep 13, 2011 | Comments
Indie Spotlight: Cold Beam Games

Indie Spotlight: Cold Beam Games

Beat Hazard, from Cold Beam Games, Is one of the more unique titles to appear in the shmup scene. The enemies, firepower, and seizure-inducing pyrotechnics are all generated from your MP3s, meaning it can be as frenzied or as calm as you choose. The game became a personal favorite after its appearance in Xbox Live's Indie section. After the announcement of Beat Hazard Ultra, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to speak with creator Steve Hunt. Read More

kombo Nov 2, 2010 | Comments
Radiant Silvergun Takes Wing Again on XBLA

Radiant Silvergun Takes Wing Again on XBLA

  While the number of rare Japanese games, ironically enough, are rather common these days, perhaps none commands more attention than Radiant Silvergun. Released in the late 90's, Silvergun has quickly garnered astronomical prices on eBay thanks to its rarity, as not only was it only released in Japan, but it also came out exclusively for the less-than-popular Sega Saturn. Still, it stands as possibly the best shooter to come out of developer Treasure - and given the developer's mastery of the shmup, that's saying a lot - as well as one of the predecessors of the bullet hell shooter genre. So, after already bringing series such as Ikaruga and Sin & Punishment out of mothballs, it's still a surprise to see that Treasure is once again returning to the classic shooter, announced an HD remake of Radiant Silvergun for release on Xbox Live Arcade in 2011 this week at the Tokyo Game Show. While that's amazing and all...will it come to America this time? Read More

kombo Sep 17, 2010 | Comments