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  • Release Date(s): Feb 08, 2013
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Breakout Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy steals Jason Bateman's identity in this comedy from director Seth Gordon and Universal Pictures. A comedy centered on a man and the woman who steals his identity.

Identity Thief (2013) Review

Sandy Patterson is the wealthy nice guy in every comedy ever. Diana steals identities for a living, maxing out credit cards on everything from expensive appliances to spa treatments and exorbitant bar tabs. When Diana steals Sandy’s identity, she gets a little more than she bargained for. You can spot the story of different people learning from each other a mile away. What’s harder to spot is what kind of movie Identity Thief wants to be from one moment to the next. What begins as a straightforward, heartfelt, Judd Apatow-esque comedy suddenly morphs into a slapstick cartoon, vulgar sex-comedy, action-comedy, and back through all of those again. How ironic is it that a comedy called Identity Thief has an identity crisis? This constant shift in tone only adds... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Identity Thief (2013).