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Hydrophobia for Xbox 360



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Review Rating 7.0 Good
User Score7 reviews
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Hydrophobia is set aboard the Queen of the World, the largest ship ever built, a city at sea where the wealthy elite live in exile from the chaos of the outside world. It is a Cornucopian society created by the Five Founding Fathers – mega corporations dedicated to research and progress who can carry out their work free from regulation on this stateless vessel. The outside world’s contempt for the Queen of the World is counter balanced by NanoCell, one of the Five Founding Fathers. NanoCell is a nanotechnology company dedicated to purifying water at the molecular level. The promise of NanoCell is to “make the desserts bloom with the food of the world”. On the 10th anniversary of the Queen of the World the whole world watches the so called ‘party of the century’ because NanoCell is expected to make a breakthrough announcement. But a group of Neo Malthusian fanatics choose this time to attack, they see Malthus as a prophet and have a rather chilling creed; Save the World, Kill Yourself.

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